Do you need to be Revived?

I have been having fun looking through all the ingredients in the Uncorked supplements to decide which ones to highlight first.  The only problem is that I don’t quite know where to start!  So many of the ingredients are supplements that I’ve tried individually  over the years, but now  I have products that put several of them together for a synergistic effect, using only top-quality ingredients (something I didn’t always do a good job of looking for before).

So, in my quandary of where to start, I decided to start with the most complicated of all – Uncorked’s Revive multivitamin.  You can check out the entire list of ingredients and see for yourself, that there isn’t much that isn’t packed into this multivitamin.

I know that my energy levels are better since I’ve been taking Revive.  It’s just full of ingredients that help your body function well and feel good.

To break it down, you get:

*Probiotic blend

*Citrus complex that includes Quercetin, which is great for immunity and fighting inflammation and pain

*Flaxseed with Omega 3s

*Special fruit and vegetable complexes – 100 mg each of great stuff that a lot of us don’t get enough of in our diets

*Whole foods and green complex that includes spirulina and chorella, both great for health

*Herbal complex including garlic and echinacea for strong anti-viral help

*Mushroom complex with Shiitake, maltake, and reishi mushrooms

*Digestive Enzyme complex, with bromelain, amylase, etc.

*Nice add-ons like lutein, boron, and inositol

*High quality ingredients that you you generally expect to see in a multivitamin, like Vitamin A and C, Folic Acid, but also including copper and chromium and panothenic acid

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